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We host a wide array of services with flexible price ranges suited for all your utility needs. Customers are given a choice between registered businesses and experienced freelancers. Customers can also filter down options based on parameters such as price range, distance and rating.

recurring cleaning

Cleaning services

This category includes an assortment of house and commercial cleaning services which includes air-con cleaning services, pool cleaning services, tiles washing services, sanitization and disinfestation services, pressure washing services, curtain cleaning services, carpet cleaning services, window cleaning services, pest control services and others.

Repairing Service

Repair services

This category includes handyman services, vehicle repair services, plumbing services, electric services, carpentry services and locksmith services in addition to kitchen repair services and more. We aim to facilitate your damage control process with ease and convenience leaving you with a peace of mind.

Renovation services

Renovation services

This category includes painting services, moving services, gardening services, and flooring services to name a few. Your one-stop shop for your renovation needs, to freshen up your home atmosphere.

Party Service

Party services

This category includes decoration services and entertainment services. Jazz up your parties with our wide supply of fun activities and aesthetic décors.

Beauty Service

Beauty and wellness services

This category includes facial and body grooming services, massage services and much more. You are never too dressed for any occasion; use our beauty and wellness services to bring out the best version of yourself.

Gastronomical Services

Gastronomical Services

This category includes cooking services and catering services for a wide range of cuisines. How could you resist fresh and tasty food? Your guests will laud your accommodation for days on end.

Medical Service

Medical services

This category includes doctor appointments, special aid services and medicine delivery. Get treated for mild health hiccups at the convenience of your own home

Pet Service

Pet services

This category includes grooming services, pet health services, pet sitting services and more. Your fur babies deserve to be treated with luxury. Give them a helping paw to feel happier

Tutoring Service

Tutoring services

This category includes tutoring services, both academic related and non-academic related, for a wide range of standards and subjects


Comprehensive network of service providers

Comprehensive network of service providers

Our open network exposes customers to a large variety of service providers. This equips the customer with options, to narrow down a suitable service provider, in order to address their specific needs.

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